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AB ATTACK (cucumber, mint, ginger, pineapple)

Low calorie and aids in weight loss. Specifically targets the stomach and abdominal section of the body.

AFRICAN SPICE (hibiscus sepals, lemon grass, grains of paradise seeds, ginger, dates)

Lowers blood pressure especially in pre-hypertensive and early hypertensive adults, and serves as an aphrodisiac.

(Caution: not ideal for pregnant women in their early stages of pregnancy)


Useful in diabetes management and helps lower cholesterol level.

A3C SLIMMER (apple, cucumber, carrot, and celery)

Helps curb cravings. Its high fibre and water content keeps you full for long.

BEET IT (beetroot, cucumber, mint, ginger and pineapple)

Lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow to the brain. Increases performance in athletes and also serves as an aphrodisiac.

BEET-0-GEE (beetroot and orange)

Lowers blood pressure in high BP patients. Fights Fatigue. Helps in detoxification of blood, improves blood circulation and keeps heart related problems at bay. Cures Anemia.

DETOXIFIER (dandelion and garlic)

It’s popularly known for its “performance enhancing” properties, as a hangover cure and for treating urinary tract infections. It rids the body of toxins, excess sugar and salt.

(Caution: not ideal for persons with low blood pressure)

FANTA “C” (pineapple)

Aids digestion, reduces bloating and constipation. Improves fertility in both men and women. It’s high vitamin C content helps protect your vision and reduce the risk of cataracts.

FLAVA EVA (prekese, star anise/aniseed, honey, ginger, cloves)

Full of flavour! Useful in curing infections. Helps postpartum women avoid contractions and replace lost blood. Increases breast milk production. Eases menstrual discomfort. Reduces oxidative stress that could lead to the development of chronic illness. Eases mild indigestion, bloating and gas.


Flushes toxins out of your system and helps lose water weight.


(Plant Based Nut Milks): Vegan Friendly

VITA SOY: (soya bean and dates)

It’s high quality protein and fibre content makes it suitable in lowering risk of high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, cardiac arrests and obesity. Relieves symptoms associated with PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) and menopause. It’s suitable for vegans and persons who are lactose intolerant.

‘MILLE’ SHAKE (millet, coconut, honey and local spice mix)

Highly nutritious and can serve as a meal replacement to help reduce appetite, body weight and belly fat. It also increases metabolic rate. Contains a large number of properties useful in preventing or treating many diseases and illness. It helps relieve pain!

(Caution: not ideal for pregnant women in their early stages of pregnancy)

ROAD “RUNNER” (tiger nuts, ginger and dates)

Beneficial in curing erectile dysfunction. Its high fibre and high protein content ensures high energy levels making it suitable for persons who do heavy work throughout the day. Helps regulate blood sugar levels and help diabetics remain healthy.

HYDRATOR (watermelon)

Keeps you hydrated. Low calorie with high amounts of nutrients making it suitable for persons who are ill or recovering from illness. Increases recovery time following exercises in athletes.

“IMMU” BOOST (pineapple and ginger)

Boosts immunity. Useful in the treatment of sports injuries and related pain.

Pineapple GreenTeani (pineapple, green tea and honey)

Reduces risk of cancer and improves brain function. Increases fat burning and improves physical performance.

“MIRACLE” JUICE (apple, beetroot, carrot and ginger)

Popularly known for its cancer fighting ability due to its high anti-oxidant content. Contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Low calorie and aids weight loss. Helps you look and feel younger. It boosts brainpower and sharpens your memory. It acts as a detoxifier and strengthens your internal organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc.). Helps fight common disease such as anaemia, flu and even asthma. Improves vision and strengthens eye muscles (recommended especially for persons who spend a lot of hours working behind the computer). Eases menstrual cramps.

PROSTA- *seasonal* (tomato, lime and sea salt)

Low calorie and filling as such enhances weight loss. Reduces risk of heart disease and cancer. Helps manage symptoms of enlarged prostate. Inhibits excessive clotting processes.

“SEE” BREEZE (orange and carrot)

Improves eyesight and keeps skin looking vibrant and healthy.

TANGO *seasonal* (mango, orange)

Aids digestion, promotes weight loss and increases energy.

TROPICAL LIMEADE *seasonal* (tangerine, orange, lime and honey)

Helps fight infections and helps in healing minor cuts and wounds. Helps purify your blood. Lowers overall acidity in the body helping you lose weight faster and reduces the risk of chronic illness such as heart disease and arthritis. Relieves cough and chest congestion.

VITALE (orange)

Fights against viral infections such as colds and improves blood circulation.

VITALIFE (pineapple, dandelion and ginger)

Good for your liver! It aids good and deep sleep.

ZINGER GINGER (ginger, dates, lime):

Fights nausea, morning/motion sickness and aids digestion. Cures sore throats and coughs!



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